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6",8",10",12" Submersible Pumps
Sahinler Submersible Pumps is a special design to work vertically of multistage centrifugal pumps under the water. It will be coupled to the submersible engine with a special grip to make it work. Submersible motopomp must be run in the water.
6",8",10",12" Submersible Engines
Sahinler submersible motors have short-circuited bar, squirrel cage, water-cooled and lubricated and re-wrapped engines. Coil wires are coated with a special PVC.XLPE material and fully isolated against water and are used after testing under the 3500 volts.
6", 8", 10" Waste Water Draigne Pumps
Waste water submersible pumps produced for pumping of dirty water containing the particles. These pumps fully insulated against water can be immersed into the water up to the height of compression.
4" Submersible Pumps
SDP 4" Submersible Pump is the product of the new approach. Robust and reliable design of this product offers users long-lasting, economical operation and easy maintenance.
Submersible Motor Coil Wire
High level of electrolytic copper on one vessel insulated with a special material PVC, XLPE, white and transparent colored according to demand high resistance submersible coil wire.


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