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Submersible Pump Specifications

Submersible pump is the centrifugal pump which is made vertically by connecting the specific adapter to an engine. Submersible motopomp should be run in the water. Our submersible motopomps are manufactured in the diameter of 4", 6", 8" and 10".


1.    Pump Shaft: Stoned X20Cr13 is made of stainless steel materials.

2.    Stage (Dish): Stage of forming the pump body (dishes) is made of DDL (GG) quality cast iron.

3.    Rotor (Ventilator): Pump rotor is made of thermoplastic (noryl) or bronze material according to the demand.

4.    Diffuser: Driving type interchangeable diffusers are used in centrifugal pumps. It is made of noryl materials. In semi-axial pump, dishes (stages) are manufactured as self-diffuser.

5.    Intermediate Bearing: Intermediate bearings using only in centrifugal type pumps are made of DDL (GG) 20-25 quality cast iron and deposited with rubber bearings.

6.    Coupling: It is made of X20Cr13lt stainless steel materials. Motor shaft and pump shaft is coupled to each other. Rotary type.

7.    Adapter: It is made of DDL (GG) 20-25 quality cast iron. It adapts pump to the engine. Adapter is wrapped up with the filter that made of stainless steel sheet.

8.    Dropper: Water drain caption of the pump. There is a special check valve (clack) in it. It prevents discharging the water in the column pipe and is made of DDL (GG) 20-25 quality cast iron.
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